GLYCO-A 12% Glycolic Acid SKIN PEEL


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Cream 12% Glycolic Acid Anti-aging skin, wrinkles and dark spots, Purpose: wrinkles, dark spots, preparing for peeling with glycolic acid. STRECH MARKS (STRIAE ALBA): Study comparing safty and efficacy of 20% glycolic acid/0.05% tretinoin, Versus 20% glycolic acid/10% L-ascorbic acid: – Both regimens can improve the appearance of stretch marks; – Both are safe and effective (minimal irritation); – Elastin content within the reticular and papillary dermis can increase, With topical contaning 20% Glycolic acid Such association of AHA with Tretinoin appeared to be a good, HYPERKERATOSIS -ICHTHYOSIS: study on reducing the stratum corneum and improving the level of hydration and degree of keratinization

  • GLYCO-A 12% Glycolic Acid SKIN PEEL CREAM Anti-aging wrinkles&dark spots 30 ml.




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